Introduction of Sejong YMCA

1. Proceedings for the foundation

Jan ~ May, 2012

Hearings from leaders of churches and educational organizations in the region for establishing ‘YMCA Sejong Center in Korea

May 22

The 1st prayer meeting for the preparation of establishing ‘YMCA Sejong Center in Korea
(later in 2013, had 13 times prayer meetings and an explanatory session for Y Movement)

July 1

Sejong Special Self-Governing City inaugurated

Aug. 9

Formed Committee for the foundation(Chairman: Lee Dong Kyu) and later had 18 times meetings

Aug. 28

Summer training titled Sejong Y! The 1st step for Life & Peace being together

Oct. 5

Dangjin YMCA Board of Director made a resolution for forming a young men’s sponsor club to support the foundation of Sejong Y


Jan. 18, 2013

The nationwide committee of cooperation works at Korea YMCA approved the preparation of establishing Sejong YMCA Center in Korea

Mar. 7

Opening YMCA Leader Academy(Organizer:
Korea YMCA nationwide committee)

Mar. 14

General Assembly for the foundation(Chairman of the steering committee: Lee Dong Kyu, Secretary in general:  Lee Sang Jeom)

Apr. 11

Opened the Academy for Christian history in Chung Cheong province, total 5 sessions   

Apr. 16

A ceremony for expanding the number of foundation members, Apr. 16 ~ May 31

June 20

Welcoming ceremony for foundation members, adopted  declaration of the Vision for the foundation

July 11(Thurs)

Hold Sejong citizen’s forum : Review of 1 year of Sejong City inauguration and roles of citizen society

Oct. 5

The 1st Sejong City Youth Clubs competition of Futsal

Nov. 15

Joint prayer meeting with World YW/YMCA,

co-organized with Sejong YWCA

Dec. 5

Sponsors’ night for 2013 and welcoming new members

and the 1st Sejong City Grand Prize Ceremony for

best served youth

Mar. 18, 2014

Planning for the confirmation ceremony for the foundation


2. Vision Statement for the foundation of Sejong YMCA

 Vision Statement for the foundation of Sejong YMCA

In occasion of the foundation and taking the 1st step as the 66th organization of Korea YMCA that have over 100 years’ history of modern & contemporary times in Korea, Sejong YMCA state the Vision for stirring-up “wave of life, wind of peace”, looking around the world based on the region.

1 Implementing citizen society movement, ‘leading the balanced development of the nation and making the sustainable model city Sejong together”.

2. Contributing to establishing a model of the governance for

citizen government to improve the quality of life of citizen in culture, education, welfare, environment, etc.

3. Striving to make healthy family community in which young people work together, harmony among citizens and win-win community of cities and countries.

4. As the Christian Evangelist opened to the world,

Pursuing ‘Evangelism of God’ and pave the base for inter-religion dialogues..

5. As a global citizen movement embracing the world through the

region, leading to establish ‘Unification of the Korean Peninsula, righteous peace for Northeast Asia and the global society.


June 20, 2013

All participants in the foundation of YMCA Sejong , Korea


3. Plan for 2014 project

1) Vision & Direction




“wave of life in Keum- Gang River, wind of peace in Sejong”

1) In occasion of being confirmed as< Sejong YMCA> by Korea YMCA

Nationwide committe, strongly establishing human and materialstic base

2) Implementing Vision statement to the actual fields such as edifying young people, citizen society movement, cultural& physical education projects, joint activities of evangelism, etc.

3) Developing the leadership

Maintenance for the leadership: activating the decision-making organization of board of directors, committees and supporting groups

Specialty leadership : executives for training, part-time executives:
Enhancing the work ability

4) Coordination and cooperation

Combining regional & global societies

2) Plan of the project for members

* Mar. 18 General Assembly for the foundation and the confirmation ceremony

* The 2nd leadership academy in the new year: during February :

Educating candidates of directors and members among new members

* Finding and scouting candates of directors and members from various special careers

* Expanding the number of members to 300 in the new year and organizing

the 2nd night for sponsors.

Small amount annual fee system / expanding the number of members for sponsoring


* Information sessions of explaining YMCA movement going to HANSOL block, government buildings blocks, vulnerable areas and churches, institutions, etc., as per the request

* Publishing the 1st edition newsletter(Sejong YMCA news), before & after the confirmation ceremony for the foundation,

Vitalization of cafe( 

* All directors, members, volunteers and café members to join in the new year

* Opening home page : connected with the federation centenary YMCA archive

2. Rearing youth

* Youth volunteer service school, panel discussion for rearing youth, counseling room for youth

Forming youth club and fermenting volunteer leader group for youth

* With the cooperation of university Y nationwide committee,
forming Y university students’ service group at Koryo University and Hongik
University campuses connecting participants of Raonati

* Main agent for the management of Jeong Dong Regional Kids Center :
April – May after the confirmation ceremony and the registeration of the company

* Recruiting an administrator for training youth in case a regular fund is available.

3. Mission work(solidarity)

* A tentatively named “Ecumenical Mission Works Academy” for fostering the leadership of layman

* Joint prayer meeting with Sejong YWCA

* Strenthening cooperations with Sejong City Church Federation, Jochiwon Church Federation and churches

4. Civil society

* Movement for paper pack resources circulation

Governance with YMCA, enterprises, self-governing bodies, schools, etc

Arranging forum and solidarity for recycling of resource/recruiting hands-on worker for recycling of resource

* Budget school for residents (subsidized by city)

* Citizen relay room Movement for protecting citizen’s interest – technical expert, consultant, volunteer consultant

* Activity for protecting foreign workers’ interests

* Monitoring parliamentary politics - launching a team for education and monitoring Sejong City Parliament

* Panel discussion for the proper timing for local elections and campaign for policy reflection

* Developing issues as the administrator of Sejong citizen forum and expanding bases of individual & association

* United activities of citizen associations


5. Culture physical education

* The 2nd youth clubs’ futsal competition

* Children’s expedition team for history(ecology), camp, etc

* Checking and paving the base for the possibility of forming YMCA choir


6. Cooperation solidarity

* Early April , centenial  of nation council of YMCAs of  Korea

* Making cooperation mood with Y’s  men’s club

* International cooperation

Korea China Japan Y Peace Forum Jan. 21 - 24

Promoting to make the partnership with Japan Kagoshima YMCA

World YMCA Conference June 29 - July 5


7. board members(executives) Sep. 2013




Title at Y


Kim Sung Young

Heasun flower shop/judge football

Chair person for culture & physical education committee


Park Kyung Ja

Reporter of the Voice of Sejong, specializing in taste

Vice chair person of board


Park Su Jin

Pastor of Je Il Baptist Church



Park Hwa Won

Pastor of Jochiwon Methodist Church

Chair person for mission works solidatory committee


Song Kil Ryong

Team leader of A HOB KEO RI newspaper



Song Il Ju

Deacon at Young Rak Presbyterian Church



Lee Kyung Soon

President of Jeon-Ui kindergarten

Chair person for youth committee


Lee Dong Kyu

CEO of Jushin International

chair person of board


Lee Sang Jeom

Secretary of YMCA



Lim Bi Ho

Secretary general of Bule Sejong 21

Chair person for civil society committee


Hwang Chi Hwan

Ceo of Ahobgeori media will

Cooperative secretary general



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